Agility combined with Strategy

Where agile transformation meets product and company strategy.
We take a closer look at the enterprise value chain and transform organisations at people, project and program level.

Following our services:

  • Agile Enterprise Transformation (e.g. from waterfall to agile)
  • Agile Implementation: Based on customer needs and purpose we implement agile frameworks like Scrum of Scrums, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus or a combination of them
  • Role understanding: Clarify what does this changes mean to the each individual and division (Business Analyst, Developer, Tester, Project Manager, Line Manager, Risk Management, CEO, HR, Procurement…)
  • Consulting and coaching to achieve a higher agile maturity level. Address pain points at project, program and enterprise level and implement improvements
  • How to use Value Chain Analysis, User Story Mapping and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) technics
  • Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas and Lean Start-up Workshops
  • Certification: Become a Product Owner, Scrum Master and/or Scrum Developer
  • Specific workshops to setup a scrum project or program in JIRA and Confluence
  • Coaching of Scrum Teams, Scrum Master and Product Owner

Why we are doing this? Individuals, teams and companies face a lot of challenges: organisational issues, not existing or unclear product and company strategy, changing markets and on top pressure on the delivery side in terms of time line, budget and quality.

To give the right answers together without losing the individual on the journey is our every day motivation. Agility is one of the possible answers in our opinion to find the right solutions for our current challenges.

If you want to know more we would be happy to make the first step with you together in the right direction…

The following companies are already on their journey (extraction of referances): SwissRe, Zürich Insurance Group, UBS, Credit-Suisse, Trüb Chemie AG, Vontobel Holding AG…