Agile Transformation
In todays world there are many reason why a company, with e.g. a traditional business model, has to change and transform. The following three reasons have been observed very often by us:
The challenge is to address almost all elements of your operating model. Leaders have to change their leadership behavior. They should be much more clear about the overall companies purpose, strategy and priorities. They have to have a strict alignment on this to be able to empower the teams for decentralized decision making.
Re-Thing the governance and funding model, e.g. instead of funding specific projects, you move to allocating capacity to business outcomes.
Re-Think how you organize teams to become cross-functional.Changing roles of line manager at the same time, because agile works best if the teams work co-located.
Re-think your location and sourcing strategy. 
Underlying technology enablers.  Automate the underlying IT processes, move to continuous delivery and automated testing. Think about your underlying architecture becoming more modular by using APIs.
When a company wants to embark on an agile transformation, those are the first things they should ask for: