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Scaled Agile

During this workshop you will dive into Scaling Agile in an enterprise environment. On sprint, release , program (multi team) and organisation level. This workshop is perfect for companies which are familiar with Scrum already and want to scale i.e. want to work together agile across multiple teams and projects or for companies which are using Scrum already for bigger projects and are not satisfied with the outcome.
Target group
During a one-day workshop you will pursue three different targets:

1. Develop a comprehension for the challenge of Scaling Agile, to phrase your company specific
challenges. These could be typically framed within three dimensions.
2. You will obtain a basic understanding of the four most popular Scaling Frameworks (DAD, LeSS, SAFe and Nexus). We will discuss your similarities and differences so you can master the challenge of Scaling.

3. Create a toolset which will help you to determine the correct decisions for your company. We are dividing the challenge of Scaling in different components, to ensure that the most important questions will be clarified. There is no “one size fits all solution”, every company needs an own solution. That is what Agility is about.
A few example question which we will discuss within this context:
The answers on those questions will help you to find a viable concept for every of the following ten components. Based on this concept it will be possible to determine decisions for your Scaling strategy.

The ten components in detail:
1. Team level, Scrum process
2. Strategic Vision
3. Backlog Prioritization
4. Backlog Resolution and Refinement
5. Release Planning
6. Release Management
7. Feedback
8. Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving
9. Team coordination of spread teams
10. Metrics and transparency
For every component we will present you a potential idea of implementation based on our practical experience.The target is to enable you to develop your own Scaling startegy (or utizilize an existing framework), so that you can start with the implementation and enhance it through continuous improvement.
Subsequent trainings and inducements
Advanced Scrum Master Skills
If you are an experienced Scrum Master and want to know how to take your team on a higher performance level, the subsequent workshop should be your decision.

This workshop includes:
  • Tools and techniques to take teams on a higher performance level
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Integration
  • Problem Solving
  • Test Driven Development
Duration: 1 Day, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Next Date: On Request
Price: 980 CHF per Person, in-house prices on request
Language: German, English on request
Trainer: Christoph Adelmann and Oliver Leder
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