Terms of service

The terms of service apply for everyone who requests and/or participates in an open or in-house training.

1. Registration and requests

Requests for open trainings must be fulfilled through the form on our website. When requesting a seat for an open training the customer must provide the data requested in the form. After the customers request is checked he or she will receive a confirmation. On receipt of the first confirmation e-mail the agreement counts as contracted.

2. Payment and withdrawal

Upon receipt of the first confirmation e-mail the customer is obliged to fulfill the payment until one week before the training date. Lack of payment does not count as withdrawal from the contract. If the customer wants to withdrawal from the contract, he or she has to confirm this via e-mail (contact(at)adelmannconsulting.ch). When retiring from the contract the customer has to pay a withdrawal fee to compensate administrative efforts. The fee is calculated according to the date of withdrawal.

3. Accomplishment of the training

To perform our trainings under optimal conditions, Adelmann Consulting predefines a minimum and maximum number of participants. The seats will be given according to the order of requests, under reserve of punctual payment. In isolated cases upon insufficient number of entrants the training will not take place and the payment will be refunded. Every participant, who requested the training, will receive a second confirmation e-mail one week before the training to acknowledge if the training will take place. Adelmann Consulting reserves to change the location, trainer or program of the training.

4. Non-participation

Trainings that haven’t been visited are excluded from withdrawal of the contract and will not be refunded.

5. Liability

For every training organized by Adelmann Consulting we exclude liability for incurred damages. Every participant of the training is responsible for a sufficient insurance coverage. The usage of the training location is at the customers own risk. Adelmann Consulting is not liable for deprivation or theft of any objects or properties.

6. Copyright

Adelmann Consulting reserves to produce visual and audiovisual footage during the delivered trainings or services. The gathered data will be used for the further presentation of Adelmann Consulting, for example in meetings, on our website or on social media. If you disagree with the elicitation of any visual or audiovisual data regarding your person or properties, please inform Adelmann Consulting before the training or service gets delivered.

7. No warranty

Adelmann Consulting does not accept liability for content on the website that is displayed wrong, modified through third parties or is not contemporary. No warranty is provided regarding the correctness of the website. Adelmann Consulting neither assumes responsibility or guarantees uninterrupted usage of the website. Any content that is used on the website belongs to Adelmann Consulting.

8. Declaration of consent

With sending a request or participating in any trainings, coachings or services the customer declares that he or she has red and agreed our terms of service. The customer also accepts that his data will be processed within the frame of the purpose of any trainings or services related to the customer or Adelmann Consulting.